General Manager

Neapolitan, resident in Pesaro, Senese in heart and genetics.

The entrepreneur Elena D’ Aquanno, by her own admission, acted with “reason and feeling” when she gathered around a table a group of entrepreneurs who could care about the fate of Enoteca Italiana Siena at least as much as she did.

A heartfelt choice, dictated by a promise made to grandfather Pietro, among the corresponding Œnologists of the renowned Italian Academy of Vine and Wine and awarded by it, who told her about Siena and its beautiful Enoteca.

A rational choice, guided by a precise entrepreneurial strategy that aims to invest in the territory of Siena and its original riches (for the Tuscany region alone, the wine supply chain produces an export turnover of 690 million euros in 2022).


Car Rental Il Girasole srl was born almost twenty years ago from the desire of the owner Massimo Caroti to travel and discover hidden corners, ancient villages, landscapes and flavors of the Tuscan territory. Fully seizing the wave of the first foreign tourism passionate about food, wine and hidden treasures forgotten by the main directions of mass tourism, the company specializes in organizing tours so that foreign guests could experience the wonders of entire Tuscan territory, passing from the cities of art to the most important wine-growing realities.

It is in this context that the company crosses paths with Enoteca Italiana Siena, an obligatory stop on every tour to allow the foreign guest to explore the enormous variety of excellent wine products in the largest Enoteca of Italy. With a view to diversifying the offer and “throwing its heart beyond the obstacle”, the company has wholeheartedly embraced the relaunch and rebirth project of Enoteca Italiana Siena, playing a key role in the group of entrepreneurs who aim to relaunche the brand.


Corporate branch of the Margheriti Group, an important Tuscan reality with a wide international scope, Vini di Toscana is a true meeting point between the Tuscan wine excellences, with divisions present in the territories of Montepulciano, Pienza, Siena, Cortona and Florence.

Vini di Toscana is entrusted with the research and selection of the best Tuscan and national brands, offering both the expert customer and the amateur the widest choice among all the excellences that the wine supply chain offers.

The management of the Tuscan Wine Shops is entrusted to the Sommelier Salvatore Finiello who, with passion and maximum professionalism, is the perfect guide in the multifaceted world of the great Tuscan and national wine products, who personally takes care of always new tastings and events.


It is the first Italian agricultural company born from an extraordinary crowdfunding operation, created thanks to the resourcefulness of the young Stefano Caccavari, and the consequent response obtained through social networks (over 2 million euros raised in July 2022). This collection was the driving force behind a supply chain project, controlled at every step, which relaunches the organic cultivation of ancient local grains, the production of exclusively stone-ground wholemeal flours in places named the Mulinum, green buildings surrounded by nature and easily reachable from the cities, where the flours are milled at sight, where the bread is baked with traditional

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